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Pinoy Cinematic Universe LLC

Veronica Reyes-How, CEO/Founder

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Pinoy Cinematic Universe began in 2023 when Veronica Reyes-How wanted to create a media company dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of stories of the unsung, the unheralded, and the amazing people who, like you and I, are trying to make it through the day.

Through its innovative and heartfelt projects, PCU aims to show the diverse experiences, cultural heritage, and unique perspectives of the American and American Immigrant experience. By highlighting narratives that often go unheard, Pinoy Cinematic Universe strives to foster understanding, celebrate diversity, and inspire audiences worldwide. Its commitment to authenticity and representation ensures that each story resonates deeply, offering a powerful voice to communities and their rich and multifaceted histories.



When Doug Andrews discovers he needs a kidney transplant and the best available match is his long estranged mother, he has to carefully orchestrate a reunion and reconciliation he'd never thought possible.


"CostCutters" is a lively socias-based show set in the aisles of a sprawling big-box store blending the mockumentary style of "The Office" with the workplace humor of "Superstore." Each episode dives into the quirky dynamics, offbeat challenges, and heartwarming moments that unfold in the store, highlighting the fun and chaos that come with retail life. With its focus on fun, collaboration, and the unique perspectives of its diverse writers, "CostCutters" promises a delightful blend of laughter and life lessons in every checkout line.

Veronica Reyes-How

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