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One Thing Just For You

I don't always love NYC. Today it's spitting freezing rain and it's somewhere just slightly above freezing temperature. It's gloomy and gross out and it makes you want to stay inside. But since I'm an actor, I gotta go to some auditions today so I can get me some work =) When you're auditioning every day - which I am frequently - you face a lot of rejection. People often ask how you cope with it. I have a hundred and one things I do, so I thought I'd share some of these ideas.

One of the things that I think is paramount to do for yourself as an actor in this city is to do something just for you. Meaning it's not something that's going to push your career further, it's not to build any sort of skill, there might never be a tangible gain from this thing. However, it's something that you love to do and you do it for yourself.

For me - that's taking Hip Hop dance class. If you knew me, you'd probably laugh. I'm the last person you'd think to find in a hip hop class. First let me say, I'm not great at it. No one's going to hire me to do any kind of hip hop dancing in anything. BUT I LOVE IT. So I try to go to class at least once a week.

And here's the thing about this class. It's not just that I love HIP HOP. It's even better than that. I love hip hop and I found a class with a teacher who is funny and kind and gracious and encouraging and fun and all the things that will brighten up your gloomy, snowy, winter NYC day. He really pours out his energy and care to the class and makes a positive environment. To me- that's EVERYTHING.

In that class - he makes sure everyone is getting the choreography. He works with whoever needs help. He encourages us and pushes us to be better. He breaks everything down and doesn't make you feel dumb when you have to ask questions. He creates an atmosphere - because he's so kind and generous, everyone else in the class takes that on and is smiling, kind, and generous as well. It's amazing.

I just wanted to find a picture of my teacher to post with this blog and then I saw this video. And this is a good reason why I love NYC. Because my awesome, cool, fun hip hop teacher is also this amazing performer who was a finalist on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I mean, what a privilege.

Anyway - find something that makes you feel joyous, something just for you, something that has nothing to do with your career or any other part of your life. And just LIVE when you're doing it.

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