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Well, I'm back sooner than I thought. But I didn't want to not share this with you guys.

I guest host a show on AOL that is posted online at a site called Daily Finance. I love working, obviously, but one of the best things about the show are all the money tips I learn. So I started subscribing to their Youtube Channel and "liked" it on Facebook.

Here's the good part: I saw a post about ways to earn extra money. One of the items was about going to a website called Unclaimed.Org

So - sort of as a joke - but also just to check in - I told my husband to go to the website and see if we had any money. AND wouldn't you know it- his name was on the list. Still skeptical, he filled out the form. 2 weeks later - we got a check for almost $800. I KID YOU NOT.

Apparently, it was from a job he did back in 2010 that had the wrong address for him. So the money just went into a pot where they hold it in your name until you claim it.

I, however, had no unclaimed money in my name. So take your chances, you never know!

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