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Do Improv.

A couple of years ago, I got a meeting with some managers that were pretty big names. I had a particularly good meeting with a management team that had 2 partners. These guys were very cool - cool office, knew a lot of the same people I knew and had been a part of bringing up some pretty awesome actors. By the end of the meeting, I think they and I both knew that it wasn't a fit. (I felt I was NOT cool enough and they probably felt the same) But they did impart some knowledge that to this day I found insanely helpful. One nugget they left me with is "We don't really take anyone on who doesn't have improv experience. Go take classes at UCB and maybe we'll talk in the future".

So I signed up for my first Improv class at UCB. And it was AMAZING. Basically, it's an 8 week laugh-all-you-can class. Like a funny buffet. And though I didn't always have time to keep taking classes right away - or could even get into the next levels easily because the classes are that popular and fill up within minutes - I always look forward to when I am in class.

I'm currently in 401 at UCB. It is a BLAST. And I'm not saying that because I'm particularly good at it - I'm actually not. But man, I love every part of it. Even standing on the back wall and watching the scenes go on in front of me. Seeing how inventive my team members are, or how silly or stupid they get, and then finding a way to join in. It's basically the best adult game I've EVER played. EVER.

I try to go to practice at least once a week and this past week, a coach was telling us about 'Parlor Games' that people used to play in their parlor. I feel like that should get ressurected and the best game is doing either the Harold or just doing improv scenes.

Even if I wasn't an actor - I'd recommend that everyone take Improv. And then don't worry about trying to be good at it - just let yourself have a good time and enjoy the ride.

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