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HBO Documentary: East of Main Street

A couple months ago, I was asked to be a part of an HBO documentary featuring up and coming Asian actors & actresses - at least that was how it was pitched to me. I felt pretty honored to be a part of it, but didn't really know much about the project. When I showed up for the interview/photo shoot - I sat in the makeup chair and caught a glimpse of part of the schedule - which looked like this:

4:00 BD Wong

4:30 Veronica Reyes-How

5:00 Lucy Liu

Never on any day would I have thought to find myself sandwiched between two of the biggest name actors of Asian descent. It was a huge honor, and made me ABSOLUTELY terrified. I have yet to see the whole documentary - but caught a glimpse of one of the trailers where part of my interview is featured.

I have a couple comments about this trailer - 1) You can tell who has musical theatre roots (me) 2) They have a portion of my interview where I look the craziest. Hopefully this is the only part of the interview that shows that.

No shame - I'm still learning and growing and am bound to do more bad interviews in the future - so here's the trailer:

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Veronica Reyes-How

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