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write something every day #14 tales from auditions

Today something happened that I had never seen was a mom & kid audition, so lots of 3-5 year old kids were present. One sitting next to me was napping and when she awoke from her, she found that she had peed herself. Pretty normal for kids, though what do I know. The mother takes her to the bathroom to wash up and change clothes.

Here's what's not normal...her grandmother takes the stroller and dumps all the pee onto the floor. A room of 10 women all gasp and look at each other. And the lady sits there with pee on the floor.

Been auditioning for over 10 years, most days have anywhere from 2-4 auditions a day and I'll tell you - I have NEVER seen that one. Boy oh boy oh boy. Never a dull moment in NYC.

I told my husband the story and he asked if it was a prank show. That would have been a good one. But sadly, no.

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Veronica Reyes-How

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