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write something every day #15. new things

coming in under the wire here...still don't want to break my writing streak so I'll write fast and just post whatever I'm posting as long as it's before midnight.

I heard somewhere that you should always be doing new things. New things challenge us to risk being bad at something and having to learn from scratch. New things help us build new neuron pathways. It helps us be flexible. And teaches us to always learn. So in the spirit of new things - here are 2 new things I did today.

Today we had a read/sing-thru of a musical I'm directing at Theatreworks USA called Fly Guy & Other Stories. This is my first time directing this musical. It is so wonderful and adorable and it makes me laugh and smile. Not a bad beginning at all. Super quick process of getting the show up on its feet and out on a tour of the country. No doubt this cast will rock the show out, they sound amazing. The material is SO easy to fall in love with, I went home singing a song about a mouse who wants to be a flower girl and a worm who is learning about his worth. The best.

Just had my first improv practice with my Supernova group, and it was FUN. Can't say it enough, I am thoroughly in love with Improv. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Can't wait to start performing with this team!

mmmm...what else? well that's about it. off to bed. Writing streak still on!

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