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write something every day. #18 grace.

I listened to a sermon yesterday about "disturbing grace" from Willow Creek's podcast. The speaker detailed out the story of the Prodigal Son. I have heard the story many times before, as I'm sure have many others. But I guess I started thinking about it differently this time around. I think I previously thought, what a lovely example. How incredible to have that kind of grace. But I never really thought of it being something I was being asked to do or apply in my life. I don't know, maybe I'm dumb that way. It just seemed like more of a nice ideal to work towards, but not practical to do. This time around, I was thinking of how many ways I don't extend grace - for little things like people cutting me off in the street or the gossip someone spread about me.

It's something I'd love to exemplify though. A "disturbing" grace. To know that I can genuinely forgive someone for the things that they do and have grace.

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Veronica Reyes-How

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