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write something every day #20 familiar faces.

I think I missed a few days there. Oh well, it's been busy. I had a film audition last week for a pretty amazing film project. I loved the script and it would be amazing to work on - but like all projects you audition for, you gotta just let it go and see what happens. I don't often write about auditions I have since I find that writing about it is the opposite of letting it go. But here's what was notable. It was through a casting director I interned with years ago. And I hadn't seen him in maybe 6 months or a year. And I just adore this man. He used to bring us cookies and other cool treats at work and he's just a lovely person. So if nothing else happened today - I loved that I got to see him.

One of the things I love most about this business is creating long standing relationships with people.

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Veronica Reyes-How

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