#22. Gratitude

I feel very fortunate and lucky that people I have met in the business, years ago, are still thinking of me for projects now - even when I haven't seen them or been in touch (my bad) in, some cases, years. That's happened several times this past month and I'm incredibly grateful.

I am going in for the most beautiful play next week. It's wonderful and complex and interesting - but if I had to boil it down to what I love most about this play is that it displays a wonderful sense of hope in a world where hope usually does not exist. Really gorgeous stuff. So excited to go in for it. I feel I'm a bit too young to play the roles I'm going in for - but that won't stop me from doing my work and uncovering what I hope are some delicious acting moments.

I'm obsessed with acting. Good thing since I'm an actor, huh? I have to say, I do contemplate what other things I should/could be doing - but it always comes down to the fact that all I want to do is explore moments and get into the psychology of a character and then see if I can portray that in a way that is compelling. I fail a lot. A lot. But it doesn't stop me, at least not yet, from trying again and again.

Cheesy huh? Oh well. Good thing I'm an actor.

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