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write *almost every day. post #24

You know, the funny thing is - I write in my head every day. It just doesn't quite make it to paper or this computer. Ah well.

SO... my sister kindly got us a health coach that we Skype call with every 2 weeks. At her urging, I am doing a Candida Cleanse. What is it? Well, I could explain it but it's easier to just direct you to a site that talks about it:

I thought I could journal about my observations while on this cleanse.

So! I've been on this cleanse for almost a week. I've definitely seen my cravings drop and my desires for crappy foods drop. I was a child of the 80s and I grew up on things like twinkies, ho hos, hostess cupcakes and cheetos. It's always been a struggle to get away from those foods - even when periodically doing cleanses like the one I'm doing. This time around though, it feels different. I was walking through Rite Aid with Brad last night and just observing all the candy and foods there that I can't eat while on this cleanse made me realize how much crap Americans eat. It's not like that's news breaking or a new revelation, but you know when you realize something on a different level? Same thought, but a little bit deeper? It made me think of how all that food makes a person sick and how it's essentially poison. Look, I used to love that poison - and there might come a time when I'll want some of it again too - but for now, it looks like utter poison.

On that up note! No seriously - this cleanse has just enabled me to have a healthier relationship with food and my body. No biggie, but pretty important for me.

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