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#26. 360

Some of my favorite people are the ones who I can talk with and discuss a topic in 360. I'd add a degree symbol there but I don't have one. You'd think that more people would be willing or able to do this - and instead, I consistently come across people who have formed an opinion about something and aren't willing to examine other viewpoints around it. It's a bizarre and disheartening thing to come across. The joy of discussion is that people come to the table with a variety of viewpoints and beliefs and then are willing to share in a way that helps inform each other of where they stand.

I only have a couple friends who do this - but it's one of my favorite things - to get together with them and have a spirited discussion. And then everyone walks away with a more informed viewpoint.

I was stuck in a discussion with some people the other day - and any time someone interjected their opinion or belief - there were people in the group who felt it necessary to attack the viewpoint they did not hold. My question for one particular person was "what are you afraid of?" The only reason to attack someone's viewpoint - especially an opinion - is that you somehow feel it threatens what you believe. And in that, if you're so afraid of things rocking your beliefs - isn't it worth it to examine?

It's a sunny Thursday. I have a series regular role pilot audition later today. I'm still doing no sugar and I love it. (what????? yeah i know)

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