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Oooh almost didn't get another post here in time. I would've forgiven myself because it's Christmas, but I really did want to stick to the action of blog writing 66 times consecutively.

I recently joined SAG AFTRA and thankfully I did it before the SAG Screeners deadline without even knowing what the deadline was. #blessed (sorry, I just think that's funny and obnoxious. obnoxiously funny). Anyway, I've basically binge watched a number of the streaming screeners. So a couple observations - this year's bunch of movies are pretty depressing. not sure Christmas vacation was the best time to binge watch these movies - and probably not all at once around Christmas eve and Christmas day, but oh well, here we are. I've watched 99 Homes, The Big Short, Spotlight, and Black Mass.

I'm no movie critic - so I'm already apologizing for the amateur way I'm critiquing and picking apart a movie - but I absolutely love the way these stories are told. I think I wrote a blog post about enjoying friends who examine things from a variety of perspectives and I feel that that's what most of these movies do best. The villain or antagonist in any of these movies is not simply a "bad" person. Context and perspective is given for why the antagonist does what he does. What HE does. The other thing? All of these movies are MALE heavy. Male dominated - for cast and crew. So I guess the inspiring thing to pull out of all this is that I have to try to write strong female dramas.

I'm tired and it's a little past my midnight deadline so I'll stop here. TBC.

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