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I absolutely love organizing things. However, you might not be able to tell that by my apartment...yet. It feels like I'm almost there, but when you live in NYC you're always working with such a small amount of space. I was back home at my parents house last week and spent most of my time purging junk from their house and organizing their rooms. It was nice to leave knowing that their whole house (over 7000 sq ft!) was tidier and organized. But they do have SO much room that it makes it much easier to know where to put things. I was correcting some of their information on Zillow since they are considering selling their house and so I was asking them questions to fill out their information online. Zillow asks for a lot of detail so that they can more accurately appraise what your house is worth. When I asked for their garage square footage - it happened to be almost exactly the size of our apartment. Look, none of this is new - but it was a different way of looking at how our space is tiny. And how I'm going to do my best to only keep what is essential and organize my things so that everything is easy to find.

One way I'm going to organize is by using these videos from a professional organizer that I LOVE! Her name is Alejandra Costello and I just happened to stumble across her videos one day. Here's one I'm watching to help me organize today:

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