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Practice an 8 hour day.

How many of us (by us, I mean actors) actually work an 8 hour day, 5 days a week on our acting business? An effective, strong 8 hour day? And not the people who are currently on a show where you are scheduled to work most days, but those of us who are still climbing a ladder. I would love to hear from and find people who are doing this and deconstruct what that actually takes. I've been practicing this for the last couple of years when I stopped working a day job to support myself and wanted to just work as an actor. I did this for the last 5 years pretty consistently.

It's now a regular practice to work an 8 hour day. I didn't start here though. It's been several years of learning how to schedule out my day effectively and work on learning how to focus for 8 hours. Before I leapt into an 8 hour work day, I started doing a 4 hour work day, then 6, then 8. And this is all solely focusing on acting and having an acting career.

If you read any of my previous posts, I mention what I learned from a podcast called 2 awesome hours. After hearing that and working on having 2 awesome hours - I realized something. I realized that I had more than 2 awesome hours a day. I realized that I spend a good portion of the day working on projects, auditions, meetings, marketing, etc.

But there's a next step - that next step is to make sure it's 8 effective hours. That I'm working 8 hours towards what I love most and being able to do what I love most. For the last 5 years, I had a goal of being a working actor. I did that pretty much every year. It was great. Now, I feel like it's time to hone in on what it is I really want and focus there.

For me, that would be working as a lead actor in a play, tv show or film. So a bulk of my day should be focused on that - working on my craft and writing new pieces I can shoot or put on stage.


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