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Podcasts. I have recently become obsessed with podcasts. Ok, obsessed is an exageration - but I have become quite enamored with them. Right now- I'm listening to Radio Lab and it's an episode about Good and Evil.

My love affair with podcasts started with listening to Serial after hearing about it on a shoot from some of the crew. After I binge listened to Serial - which is easy to do in NYC since you're walking everywhere and spend most of your day en route (well I do) - I started looking into other podcasts. I had a previous brief fling with comedy podcasts actually before listening to Serial - and then I fell out of love with them. But I'm back now. I've discovered Radio Lab, and some history lesson podcasts - basically a great way to keep learning all day.

But after a few weeks of listening to podcast after podcast, I realize that I'm sometimes using it to drown the silence. So while I love learning and listening - I'm trying to balance it with silence - learning to work and sit and walk around with no noise. Just my own thoughts.

Today is Monday. The first Monday of a new year. I love this. A new beginning to the work week. Started a great and productive morning already. Had a great idea for a video series I'm interested in doing - partly because I love talking to people about interesting things and because I thought it might be a cool idea to do with other working actors. Will elaborate later if this idea comes to fruition.

Other good things to report: my 6 year old dog - who's health report claimed that he's mentally challenged on top of a myriad of other health problems when we adopted him - finally learned to use his doggy pad for poop. Small victories.

Off to make Monday count.

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