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Costco date nights. Yup, it's a thing. Ok, it's not - but I think it SHOULD be a thing. So maybe it'll become a thing. In our household, It's a thing.

Brad and I go to Costco - around dinner time, then we split a slice of pizza, maybe a frozen yogurt and a soda. If we're feeling really crazy, we might order a churro. But maybe not. Tonight we did. We were out of our minds.

Hear me out - it may sound boring - but one of our favorite things to do is to walk through every aisle. First of all, Costco changes inventory ALL the time. So there's always something new to gawk at. Now I wish I'd actually taken more pictures because tonight there were about 4 new items I fell in love with:

1) Moleskin Notebooks. Yup - Costco carries one of my FAVORITE notebook/journal makers. And rather than spending $10 on a soft cover college ruled journal, you get 6 large journals for $20! I'm a sucker for a good notebook or journal. Ask Brad. It's a dumb paper obsession I have. I don't know, I'm a sucker for school supplies.

2) Not Your Father's Root Beer. This product annoyed me a little - why not just tell me what you are?! No seriously - it's pretty cool. Root Beer that's actually got alcohol in it. I mean, I remember ordering root beer as a kid and pretending I was cool because it's kind of like beer. Except for that it wasn't. Anyway, we didn't buy it but I can't wait to try it!

3) Shiseido Face Wipes. Just having Shiseido products at Costco is exciting. Shiseido is one of my favorite brands for skin care. I'm not excited about face wipes, but maybe they'll start carrying Shiseido eye cream - now that would be exciting.

4) Asian Cashew Salad - this isn't new, but it's new to us. We normally just buy Kale salad. Anyway, this time we went crazy and bought both. That's how you know it was a Saturday night.

By now, you (and I) are thinking - wow that sounds like the lamest Saturday night ever. And you might be right. But I think it was the greatest night because I really loved the company. So, that alone can make or break a night. And my night was made because of this guy.

Happy Saturday people!

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