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A friend told me I needed some videos on my make it more interesting. Make some videos of yourself, she said. I get what she's saying. I mean, maybe she's saying my writing is too boring. But glass half full - I think she wants me to put up something more entertaining. So while I'm thinking of what kind of videos I'd like to put up here - I think I would like to add some videos about actors who I enjoy...and more importantly, as a response to #OscarsSoWhite, I want to highlight one of my favorite minority actor friends.

First up, my friend Fariaz Rabbani. This guy is great - I don't even think I need to give him any kind of introduction - but I do want to say that when I was taking Rob McCaskill's acting class - Fariaz is someone who always supports your work, makes you feel like you're a star and makes you believe that you could take this dream all the way.

I recently got to sit down with him and hear him talk about some of our favorite things to talk about - acting, the craft, his experience as an actor - and most importantly - his story:

Enjoy my friend Fariaz.

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