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My friend shared this Ted talk with me. It's awesome.

It's good to talk about our failures and to not to be afraid of it. To live in a brave way so that you might find yourself failing.

Becoming an actor was the last thing I thought I would do. Everyone in my family has a math or science background - including myself. So how could I have thought that I could become an actor?

And when I was brave enough to give it a try - I can't tell you how many people told me I would fail. Wished I would fail. Mocked me when I did fail at things. Or still want me to fail.

It's a rough business mostly because you're playing a head game of trying to keep your spirits up, trying to stay motivated, trying to push through the resistance. And that's not even talking about the steep competition and statistics of actually booking a job.

I love this video. It talks about bravery and flips failure on its head.

Here's to failing big.

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