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Undo Send - a must have for Gmail users.

Have you ever regretted sending an email? I have. Many times. So now there's something you can do about it. I'm a little late to this party, but I still have people asking how to enable the UNDO SEND feature so I decided to make a little video explaining it. I only verbally explain it in the video - which I realize now, might not be totally helpful if you're not already familiar with GMAIL a little...but it's better than nothing. **Note to self for next time, show the screen of which I speak.

That said - I find this feature invaluable. Just this week alone, I sent several emails out to people I did not want to send to and I couldn't get them back. Thankfully, I think those people just ignored my email. One of those emails I was sending was a recommendation of an actor friend. I meant to send it to my current manager and instead accidentally put my old manager's email in the To: box. Then I went to erase it and instead hit send. After a tiny freak out moment, I thought 'Who cares!' and moved on with my day. Though I do wish I hadn't sent the email, I also thought - well if it helps my friend get a manager - then all the better, right?

Ignore my cheesy sunglasses look - I just came in from being outside and it was sunny, ok? Ok.

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