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The world lost an incredible music legend this past week. Facebook has been full of Prince shares, tributes and memories. Makes me think, what is the best way to commemorate a legend? I don't have the answer to that...was just thinking. Also, there's no BEST way - but I sometimes like to think there's a way to quantify things that are unquantifiable. I guess the only thing I'm thinking is that I hope that people who knew him and were in his life loved him and appreciated him well. And that he knew how loved he was.

When I was growing up, my parents did not love pop music. They loved listening to Frank Sinatra and Perry Como and Johnny Mathis. We loved listening to Madonna and Prince and Michael Jackson. So we would battle in the car for what music played on the radio. Except for one song. I Would Die 4 U would play on the radio and my parents would enjoy that song just as much as we did. We would catch my mom singing along. We asked her about it one time

Mom: Oh yeah, I love that song - Apple Dapple Gray.

Kids: what?

Mom: You know, (singing to the tune of I Would Die 4 U) - Apple, dapple, gray, hey!

Kids: (rolling with laughter) It's I Would Die 4 U!

Mom: Eh, whatever. (walks off singing "Apple Dapple gray"

Thanks Prince for bridging the music gap between my parents and us.

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