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I'm not vegan. I'm not vegetarian either, but in a recent move to eat healthier, be more conscious about global warming and the cruelty to animals - my husband and I have decided to try reducing our meat consumption by 50%. We know this small move isn't changing the world, but we believe it's these small incremental changes that help us contribute in a small way. We're having less red meat overall, though we still have bacon once a week, and we're only eating half of our dinners with meat. Breakfast and lunch were typically meatless anyway - usually eggs or salads or a soup.

Something that's really helped us with this change is a meal service. The one I tried most recently is called Vegan Garden. They deliver and with the Groupon I used, the meals come out to about $5 each. Way cheaper than anything I could buy out in the city that has nutritional value. We're only 4 meals in and so far, everything has been really delicious. Brad and I are splitting the meals and so we're also supplementing them with extra vegetables and brown rice - like sauteed kale or seared brussel sprouts. I grew up a meat and potatoes girl - every meal had to have meat in it - so I'm glad that we've been able to break that habit and do something better for ourselves.

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Veronica Reyes-How

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