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Bradford How

Running sides with my husband, I began to chuckle. He's gone in for a couple of films in the last week - all for characters that are a WILD departure from who my husband is. It's fascinating. He often plays a jerky boss, an arrogant dude, or in the latest set of sides - an abusive, angry husband.

If you know him at all, you'd know that he is the gentlest man with a soft heart. He is without agenda and is incredibly earnest. He has integrity and character and a goodness that I don't often see. He loves people - he loves talking to strangers at grocery stores and makes the checkout people laugh. He loves a good time - always looking for a way to insert a joke into any conversation. And he's never seeking to impress anybody, he just likes to create a fun atmosphere. He is kind and generous and giving. He isn't always the best communicator - he's a bit esoteric and often has to explain his jokes - but he tries.

It makes me laugh because the sides I usually get, I'm reading and saying things like "How did they know this is me?!?" and "it's like they were recording my conversation in the apartment!" or "I JUST SAID THIS LAST WEEK!" and for him - I just laugh and laugh that he often plays characters that do not resemble him in the slightest.

I he is on a Friday night date at Costco. How adorable is he?!

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Veronica Reyes-How

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