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The Palm Pilot was my first organizational device. No, wait - it was my first electronic organizational device. Before that, I had a Franklin Covey planner. After the Palm Pilot, I jumped to a variety of things - eventually leading me to only use my phone. Then it was all about what app to use - I can't even remember all of them, but Evernote, ToDoist and some other ones come to mind. I have used a number of devices and apps and gadgets all in an effort to become more productive and get my lists done. After all of that time and research, the thing that's been the most helpful and effective, the thing I find myself moving back towards all the time is... the good old paper list. So I bought a bunch of these:

It's not high tech, but it is something that allows me to tangibly see what I need to get done and how much of the day I have left. Also, it's motivating because I know that the goal is to clear what's on the pad by the end of the day. There's a great satisfaction in crossing things out.

To keep myself focused and organized with what I'm working towards, though, I work off an electronic document where I type out all the projects I'm working on, the goals I have and where I am in the process of working towards those goals. The yellow pad of paper is just my daily to do list, which is generated by the document I have in Google Docs.

What's the best tool you've found for organizing yourself?

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Veronica Reyes-How

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