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I love the fall. It's my favorite time of the year. Even though I have a short torso, and a tiny neck, I adore wearing scarves. I love wearing a light fall jacket. One that's often oversized. But more than the clothing options, I love the smell of fall air. I love the excitement of going back to school, even though I no longer attend school. Though for 17 years, I was trained to think of fall as a ramp up, a time to get started again. Play time is over, back to being serious. And because of that, I think fall will always represent a fresh start, a time to get serious. Summer is a time for fun and vacation and play - and fall means I focus. I have a number of projects I'm juggling this year - a lot of independent projects, trying to generate more work for myself. Really exercising my creativity and trying to make work I'm proud of. I figure I have 3 good months of solid work time to complete or push forward on these projects. Hopefully, I'll have a few good things to show for it come early December...

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Veronica Reyes-How

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