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Get Thee To A Class

Had acting class last night. One of the best things I can do for myself is go to this class. I remember that I'm an actor. Not that I forget - but here's the thing. I remember what kind of actor I am. I've been doing a lot of commercial work lately - hosting, commercials, voiceovers, cartoon voiceovers - and while it's nice to be working and making a living, those are not the reasons I became an actor. It's easy to forget. Especially when you start to get satisfied with a paycheck.

One of the exercises we do in class is a compliments exercise at the end of class. Rob, our teacher, puts us in pairs with someone in the class and we compliment them. It is a phenomenal exercise and a brilliant way to end class. Not just because you get to go home feeling good about yourself, but because you also have to give someone else genuine compliments about his/her work, who they are, etc. It's such a good practice to give the little free gifts to another person. Reminds me that I should do it more.

And here's the other thing - I think most of the battle of being an actor is just staying in the game. So if you can find some pockets of places that give you fuel, that make you feel good about yourself while you're working at it, that help you shake off rejections and bad auditions, I believe it will make the journey that much easier and much more enjoyable.

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