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B States...

Back to my 50 States recall...

There are no B States...onto C.


I’ve spent a lot of time in this state. My first trip to California was when I was 20 and my boyfriend at the time wanted to drive cross country. It coincided with when my sister had her first baby and so I was thrilled to go. It took us 6 days to leisurely drive across the country and end in San Francisco. I met my niece, who was an absolute delight.

My sister no longer lives here, but one of my brother’s does - so we do visit every other year or so. I came once during college when I was chosen to be a school ambassador for the Rose Bowl. That was pretty cool - all expense paid trip to Pasadena, CA. I also came here on several stops on tour with Rent and with Miss Saigon. Rent did San Fran, LA, San Diego and some cities in between. Miss Saigon happened to do a lot of cities in the LA, Southern California Area.


I was definitely here on tour and on a road trip. To be honest, I don’t remember much. I remember being in Denver, but I don’t remember much else. I know...boring.


This is so close to home - I’ve been here over and over.

My first trip to Connecticut was when I was in college and was touring with my acapella group. We stopped and spent 2 nights in New Haven, CT. My high school friend was at Yale, and we got to catch up while we were there. Since we were on an acapella college tour. We crashed on people’s floors or wherever we could sleep. At Yale, we stayed in a frat house - on the floor of a living room or basement. It smelled like cedar and beer. I guess that’s what most frat houses smell like, though.

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