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A States

Day 2

This year I completed the unforeseen goal of having traveled to all 50 states in the U.S. So in order to celebrate and commemorate each state, I am going to write the memory or memories I have of what I’ve done in each state alphabetically. Starting with …


I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember much about Alabama. I do know that I was in Montgomery, Alabama. I may have been in Huntsville and I think I was in Birmingham. This was all while I was on tour - one tour was with RENT and one was with MISS SAIGON. I wish I’d taken more pictures and recorded what I was doing. I do remember, though, that I walked to a restaurant from our hotel - and it was in an area where there weren’t any sidewalks, so it seemed a little risky. I may have landed at a Waffle House. One of my favorite places to go whenever I can find one. I remember that the weather was warm, even though it was late fall or maybe even winter.


I was here 2 years ago. Friends of ours were working on the Disney Cruise Ship and offered to sign us on the ship while they were in Alaska. It was a pretty awesome vacation. It started with a lovely flight to Vancouver and staying with Brad’s friends. The next day, we boarded the ship and set sail. Alaska was gorgeous, we got to see a lot of beautiful towns like Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Tracy Arm Fjord. Skagway was a small town with a lot of interesting local shops. We walked the strip. But one of the best things we did in Skagway was take a ride on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway. The scenery was breathtaking and we had unbeatable views of wildlife and nature as we traveled through the mountains. In Juneau, we walked around the city a bit, did some shopping and also did a whale watching tour. Juneau was one of those idyllic towns I dream about living in one day - opening up a card shop that sells knick knacks. The next port was Ketchikan. We did a little shopping again, and then we did a Kayak excursion with our friends. We also took some time to go see the Mendenhall Glacier and spent some time learning at the Visitor Center We got to see some beautiful islands and saw seals and bald eagles, it was definitely an adventure. The Tracy Arm Fjord was gorgeous as well - but that’s something that we just rolled up near when we were on the ship. Gorgeous, though.

Loved Alaska, and was grateful to get to visit. Would love to go back - and marinate in some of the towns rather than have an 8-5pm experience.


I do remember being in this state - a couple times. Once was when I did a cross country trip with my ex boyfriend and the other was on tour. I remember being at Flagstaff and Tucson. On the cross country trip, my ex and I went to Grand Canyon and toured around for a day or two. I believe we stayed in Flagstaff. On tour, I think we were in Tucson. I don’t remember much from that visit - I think it was the Miss Saigon tour and I remember it being very hot. Besides that, I’m not sure I remember much else. I also remember enjoying my time there since one of my favorite movies as a kid “Can’t Buy Me Love” was based in Arizona.


Well, I know I was here, but I don’t remember all that much. I’m pretty sure I was in Fayetteville and I think I was on the Rent tour. Not sure I remember much else.

And that’s it for all the A states!

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