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Well well. I wrote a blog post about how I would write every day. That did not happen. BUT, I've been busy so that's a good thing and my excuse.

Wanted to share something about my auditioning experience. There's an office I have been going in to for the last 5 years. When they first started calling me in, I was getting recurring roles and guest stars. Really exciting stuff. Then, over time, I began to get co-star roles. Some of them were still meaty and possibly recurring, so it didn't feel all that bad. Then this past year, the co-star roles became one liners, and in one instance, no lines.

In talking to some friends & career coaches in casual convos - many of them advised that this was a bad thing. That somehow, the office began seeing me as only in this capacity and I may get stuck there. I guess in dating terms, it would be like "the friend zone". And mind you, this wasn't the trend at other offices - just this one.

I'm happy to report that "the friend zone" has been broken. Last week, I got an audition for a series regular role for a new show. In thinking about what it meant - this is the conclusion I came up with...

Trust. I just like acting, in fact I love it. So I am happy to just go in and work on any piece of sides. And I love the process. And it's my job to come in, do good work, and show casting who I am in each of these roles. I trust that people will see and recognize what I have to offer - and they clearly know how to do their jobs, so I keep doing the best that I can in portraying characters I would want to see on tv or film, and trust that whatever process we go through in this journey will be fine.

And I'm no longer worrying about "the friend zone".

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