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Day #3. Improv

In an earlier post, I talked about taking Improv and how much I loved it. At least, I think I wrote that earlier. If not, then I just wrote it now. I've taken Improv at Upright Citizens Brigade and have completed 401, twice. Hands down, it's the most fun I've had in...well, ever. So much fun that I got myself onto 3 different Indie teams. One of those teams performs 2-3/month regularly and the other 2 teams are currently just practicing and starting to find shows.

But here's what I really wanted to talk about. I had questions about Improv. When I started taking upper level classes, I discovered some things about myself, saw patterns, and had questions about improv and the improv scene. So I started reaching out to people - teachers, other students I knew who went through UCB all the way to Advanced Study, and people that teachers recommended that I reach out to regarding questions. And to my great surprise - people made the time. To meet up, to email answers back, to discuss.

Such a cool community. Me likey.

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