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Day #9. Rest

Labor Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends. I definitely mourn the end of summer, but fall always feels like a new beginning. I tend to make better resolutions in fall, maybe because I know that I only have 3-4 months to fulfill them.

I'm vowing to rest more. I'm grateful to have booked a lot of work over the summer, a time when people usually say that auditions are slow. This summer was anything but slow. There were several stretches where I would work 14 or 18 days in a row without a day off. But for a freelancer, that's a blessing and a curse. It's true that you never know when you'll book your next job. On the other hand, I found that I suffered from over exhaustion often. And even on days where I was sick or needed rest, I'd drag myself to a voiceover or commercial shoot because I considered it a blessing that I even booked work.

And now, while I'm still grateful - I'm trying to weave in the balance of resting when I can.

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