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write something every day #13. work ethic.

Just coming off of Labor Day, I was thinking about how people develop a strong work ethic. I don't think I adequately celebrated the holiday. I do always wonder if there's a "good" or "right" way to celebrate national holidays. Often you'll see people commemorate on Facebook. Or maybe it's just a pause during the day to acknowledge the holiday. We were in a car for 11 hours driving back from MI.

I am grateful that I can work. I love working. I don't know why or how this developed, but I really feel a strong sense of pride in putting in a long day of work, especially when it's something that I love - like acting. Most people gripe about work. I guess I get it, there are definitely jobs I wasn't happy to have, and there was a time that I held down 3 jobs just to support myself and Brad when he had just lost his job. But if I ever thought about it long enough, I loved the work itself. I loved the end of the work day, falling exhausted into my bed knowing that I put in 100% of my effort to doing something well - even when it was my first technology consulting job out of college, a teaching job I held for several years, or a commercial shoot.

I am grateful that I have a healthy mind and body that enables me to work.

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