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Welp I did it again. A couple days blank. I'm gonna shake that off and move forward. Besides, technically I'm still on vacation. :) I may have stayed away beacuse I'm also feeling pressure. My husband shared one of my blog posts- he said he loved the way I write and made it public. Now I feel the pressure of writing something significant or inspired, but I'm not really feeling it. I think I liked it better when I wrote here and didn't think anyone read this. Oh well.

The other day, my friend asked about how actors cope with facing constant rejection and adversity. She asked about what it takes to persevere. I told her I wasn't sure but in examining what it takes to do auditions and get rejected with any kind of regularity- it's served me to have a couple of things that keep me going. First thing would be to have a sense that life is bigger than just this, whatever this is - in this case acting or auditions or career related things. Second would be my passion to do what I'm doing - I love acting and dissecting a script and performing so much that it's worth enduring hardships. And the third thing would be that I have a support system of people who help me know that my worth isn't in what I do. That's probably one of the most important things. Having people who know and like you - despite how well or not well you're doing.

2 days to wrap up 2015. It's been an amazing year. I'm going to spend my morning purging stuff I don't need and setting up some new organizing systems I bought at Ikea and Dollar Tree. =)

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