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I wrote earlier about loving podcasts. I listened to one yesterday that I wanted to share because I thought it might be interesting/helpful. It's on Bullet Proof Radio and the episode is titled Josh Davis: Chill Out, Daydream & The Multitasking Myth #270.

Davis talks about a book he wrote on having 2 awesome hours a day. He talks about how and what we can do to allow ourselves to have 2 awesome hours of productivity a day. He disses multitasking - says its not really effective and will diminish results of the tasks you're bundling, promotes 20-30 min/day of exercise to keep yourself mentally aware, talks about not eating heavy meals when you need to focus, etc. Ironically enough, I listened to this podcast while making a Chicken and Dumpling soup for my husband. Admittedly, the soup probably could have been better- but truth be told - Brad is not a picky eater (thank God) and will be fine with my multi-tasked C&D Soup.

I love this podcast because I think I've always felt like I needed to be better, stronger, wanted to focus more - and found that I was trying to have 8 or more solid hours of productivity and it was exhausting me. So this concept of just working to have 2 awesome hours is refreshing.

In wrap up - Dave asked Josh to sum up 3 things to help us understand this concept. His answer:

1. Have a growth mindset

2. Try to think of how to have 2 awesome hours/day

3. Be aware of how happiness is in interaction with people


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