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So often when I'm walking around I think of blog post ideas and then sometimes when I sit down to write here - nothing. Should probably keep a list of blog ideas for when I'm blank. Really looking forward to the weekend - it's been a whirlwind week, first week back and I've done a pretty good job of making it as productive as possible.

I'm working on a new idea for a couple of shorts. I've already scripted out a couple of shorts I want to shoot in the next couple of months. Now it's just about polishing scripts and then getting a crew together to shoot it. The first one I'm attacking, which is probably the easiest is an idea I had while organizing and labeling my parents' house. It should be one of the easier ideas to get done, so we'll start there.

I also wrote a series of short scripts about marriage. Thinking I can shoot about 12 of these and release them all together - hoping to get on that in February.

Resurrected my old short film I co-wrote, produced and directed. It's not as bad as I thought it was - but it is my first foray into making a short film. Considering sending it to some festivas - we'll see if it's worth investing money into the festival circuit OR if I should just make some other stuff I love.

This is the year of doing. Less talking, more doing. But still some writing. 13 today, 53 away from 66. I am determined.

Happy Friday, enjoy.


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