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I will tell you one great positive about pilot season. Not that there's only one, but here's a new one I came up with. First, some back story.

I grew up in a household where makeup and hair and looks were not a focus. At all. My parents treated my sister and I just like they treated my brothers. We were supposed to be good at everything, but most of all, we were supposed to get straight A's.

No one taught us how to do makeup or hair and no one in the house ever really cared about it. Everything I learned about it, I learned from friends - and even then, it wasn't much.

In college, I was a Math major- so that should say a lot right there. Not a lot of attention paid to looking good. At all. I did used to dye my hair an auburn color - but it was box and that was about the most I did for my looks. And maybe eye liner and lip gloss, on a good day.

When I started getting pilot auditions, a couple years ago - a casting director helped me out by saying that I needed to learn how to really do my makeup. And another casting director gave me a tip that having my hair blown out would help as well. So I resisted at first - feeling like I should be able to book on my talent alone. How naive I was. Anyway, eventually I started getting my hair blown out, and occasionally getting my makeup done.

You want to know what the best thing about this is?! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the people who do my hair and my makeup. These women are the kindest and warmest people I've ever met. Which is a little funny since if you've ever been to a Dry Bar (where I get my hair done for auditions) you will witness a lot of angry and mean women in this place. And these hair stylists take it all in stride.

I've been going to my lady for 6 months now and she is the loveliest. Today we were laughing over pictures of her daughter and about tv shows we watch.

I had a pretty big audition the last time I saw her and she remembered to ask about it. On the day of that audition, I explained that it was for a lead role in a new tv show - called a pilot - for a network. I also explained that these auditions were a little like playing the lottery and that I wouldn't really expect to get it, but I hoped to do good work in the room so maybe they'd consider me for something else. She very adamantly and defiantly put me in my place and assured me that I could get this job - otherwise, why would I be going in for it? I could've protested and explained why it's unlikely still - but the look on her face was so encouraging and I felt like she wanted me to believe that I was worth it.

All that to say - it's pilot season. I'm supposed to look my best. And in learning to do that- I met some of the loveliest people who I now consider a part of my team.

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Veronica Reyes-How

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