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Productive distractions.

Yesterday, I had a series regular audition for a new show. The sides for this audition were basically a 3 page monologue - it was a lot of dialogue - and so I spent several days working on it. It has previously been my habit after big auditions to unwind by getting ice cream or some sort of baked good as a reward. And since these auditions have in recent years become more frequent for me - I can say that this habit has caught up with me. SO. I decided to change all that this time around. I vowed before my audition that I would come home and NOT eat a sweet, but that I would do something productive. This time around, I decided I would clean. A thorough deep clean of as many rooms as I could get to in the amount of time I had after my audition before my next thing - which was my last show for a UCB 401 Improv class.

I should have taken some before pictures! I'll remember for next time. I deep cleaned my living room, hallway and kitchen floor. It looked incredible. I even got the ever-growing mounds of dust off my ceiling fan so it can now look like this:

Now I just need another series regular audition so I can finish my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Make that 2 series regular auditions.

It also helped to do an improv show with these people...though I will say, by the time the show came around, I was BEAT!

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