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Making my way back...

Well, it's been a WHILE since I got on here and written. Probably no one noticed, but that's ok. I am kicking this habit back up again and making it stick. Weekly writing at best, daily if I can.

Not sure where to even begin. This year is almost completely gone. Maybe it's a good time to review what happened this year...

Let's start with all the good things.

I wrote, acted in and produced another short film. This time, it's a thriller-type short. Still needs a lot of work, but I am pretty proud of working on it, getting it done and I think it looks pretty good. We'll begin sending it out to festivals in 2017.

I finally passed into Advanced Study for Improv at UCB. Took a few tries, but I did it. And I got to do my first Advanced Study with one of my favorite teachers. And I learned a TON more about comedy. All good things. That was very exciting.

I worked on a workshop of a new musical. I learned a LOT about comedy doing this for 2 and 1/2 weeks. It was a blast.

I booked work as the regular voice for the radio campaigns for a college. That's right - every radio ad this college puts out, which has been a good amount - I voice the tag for it. One of the best things about this job? I LOVE the studio where we record, which incidentally is also the studio that booked me on it. Lotas Productions is a great place to work with great people.

Wrote a pilot with a friend of mine. It was incredibly exciting to work on and we had a blast doing it. I think we'll do a couple more edits and then see if we can go ahead and shoot the darn thing. We have already had a production company tell us they were interested in producing it.

Traveled a good deal this year - Germany, Seattle, Alaska, Michigan, Winnipeg, London, San Francisco... most of these are family trips and we've loved every single one of them!!! Love spending time with my family.

Off to go see a more re-cap later!

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