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compassion weekend

I'm not really sure that my focus was on compassion at all this weekend. Most of this weekend was spent working on things - like a new pilot idea I've been working on based on my mother, and other things like baking cupcakes for the Sunday service at my church where they need baked goods for a Mother's Day celebration. I went a little Great British Bake Off and decided I wasn't going to just do cupcakes. Actually initially I was going to do these black bean brownies I make, but I remember my cousin's son response to it - ew black beans...and although you can't even taste them and they are delicious - I decided to do something different. So I made Peanut Butter Icing, covered in Chocolate Crumb Gingerbread cupcakes. They turned out pretty good, I thought. My husband says they're not sweet enough, but what does he know?!? Just kidding. They're probably not, but I like desserts that aren't too sweet. Anyway, I think Mary and Paul would be proud.

Favorite news today - Friends is coming back!! At least, I hope Friends is coming back. I got that from Brad and didn't bother to verify online yet.

So back to compassion - I was thinking that sometimes even when we understand and know a word, it's nice to look up it's definition to solidify exactly what the word means

So here's compassion:

Def. N. -sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

I don't always have that and I guess this is why I'm back to focusing on it for 30 days. Just some questions about compassion off the top of my head:

When do you have enough compassion?

Can you ever have enough compassion?

How do people grow in compassion?

Who is the most compassionate person I know?

Who would people say is the most compassionate person in history?

What is the antithesis of compassion? Jealousy? Spitefulness?

Can you build compassion?

Are you born with compassion or is it only learned?

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